Captured by Abba’s Love

I am AMAZED at how much Abba Daddy loves His daughters and sons! He goes before us to prepare the way and prove His gracious love and faithfulness even on a trip to Costa Rica ??…it all began as a “Bucket List” Dream 25 years ago.

Feeling exhausted last Spring as a result of an avalanche of life stressors; including the loss of my younger brother and our home to a house fire…I requested a week off from teaching high school mid-Trimester. It was met by a supportive principal, who knew the brevity of all our loss and she encouraged me to take the rest of the year off…what a GIFT!

Little did I know, but the Lord was paving the way for a “Healing Restoration Journey “ like nothing I had ever experienced! As I was exposed to God’s ocean of love for me amongst the people of Costa Rica ?? I began to understand why He brought me there for such a time as this. He knew I needed an environment of unconditional love and acceptance in order to learn to fully surrender to His Rest and desire to fulfill His promise of emotional and psychological healing in my life.

Freed up from the responsibilities of my American life style, the Lord opened my eyes, ears and heart to the beautiful people He had placed in my life to bless me and encourage me to learn the value of authentic friendships and His Beauty all around me! I was overwhelmed by His Great Love ❤️

Debtea Backer

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