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We are looking to share the HOPE of Christ and looking for wonderful writers like you to help us share that HOPE…

If you have a story to share, or a suggestion for something you think we should be covering, we’d love to hear from you. We’re particularly interested in:

  • Blog about Jesus.
  • Talk how Jesus changed others lives.
  • Share bible verses and scriptures.
  • Give Christian parenting tips.
  • Share tips on prayer.
  • Share tips on raising Christian kids.
  • Equip other Christians to trust God.
  • Share Christian books that has helped out your walk with God.
  • Talk about how to manage life and ministry.
  • Share marriage advice.
  • Talk about your current bible study plan.

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You submit content relevant to our website, we very content, we publish it, you earn credits towards free merchandise. We will even include the shipping!

Publish as often as you want and accumulate as much as you want. What a great way to get some great free Christian merchandise and share the Hope of Christ to others.

Writing guidelines

We’ve come up with a few guidelines to help you make your post great:

  • Keep it snappy. 600-1000 words is plenty.
  • Assume that your reader has limited time and limited attention.
  • Think about what it is you want to tell people, and make sure you get into it your first or second paragraph. We can link through to a longer post if you’ve edited it down. (Occasionally we do run longer pieces – so let us know if you think you really need more words!)
  • Write for a general audience.
  • Keep it fairly simple, chatty, and exciting.
  • Why should people care about your blog post?
  • Tell us about what makes your story different.
  • It is not an advertisement. While we definitely want to help share, try to avoid sending us stuff which is simply self-promotion.
  • Include pictures! All of our posts must have pictures to accompany them, and we’re grateful for any help with sourcing striking images related to what you’re writing about.
  • A photo, a screenshot, an illustration or a graphic – whatever it is, images will help to make your words say more.

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