Snuggle Time Devotions That End With a Hug

Snuggle Time Devotions That End with a Hug!

Snuggle Time Devotions That End With a Hug

by Stephen Elkins

Book Review

“Snuggle Time Devotions that end with a hug!” is a cute devotional book for kids with adorable illustrations and short daily devotions. Each day has an overall theme, a Bible verse, a rhyming story to accompany the verse, a “takeaway” section to examine what we have learned, an activity to go along with it, and a hug to complete the devotional time.

The book is very thoughtfully put together and is targeted toward preschoolers to help them get accustomed to spending a daily time with God. The Bible stories sections are sometimes a little bit lacking in some of the details but they are written in a cute, rhyming way. The activities are fun and add a good element to the devotional that gets the kids doing things with their hands. I would recommend this book to families with preschool aged kids looking to find a new way to learn about the Bible together.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Tyndale in exchange for an honest review.

“Children will grow in their understanding of faith and look forward to spending time with God as they read, play, hug, and get inspired through these 52 heartwarming snuggle time devotions. Along with the short devotional reading and Bible story, each snuggle time moment features a game or activity to help kids remember the lesson and tuck it away in their heart.”

– Product Description

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